Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toastmaster’s Table Topics – Life as an Object

Introduction to the theme – Life as an Object:

Spring is around the corner. Most of us will have some plans for doing stuff like cleaning their homes, to go on some vacation, to throw parties, to do other outdoor activities and get healthy.

Consider for a moment if we were not living beings - consider if we were lifeless objects like a Pen for instance. Now consider if the Pen had a mind of its own with which it can think just as we humans do.

In the table topics today, each of the respondents to the table topics will lend their voice to an object which they pick from the grab bag of objects i have. They can then tell us about their life as that Object in general or what they think (as that object) about spring time.

So let the fun begin... may i have volunteers please.

Objects options:
PC Mouse


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