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Some new movie reviews

My family has been away for last 2 weeks in which i had the free-time to catch up on some of the new movie releases. Here are the ones i watched this holiday season, in order:

Hugo (3D) -Throughout his extraordinary career, Academy Award-wining director Martin Scorsese has brought his unique vision and dazzling gifts to life in a series of unforgettable films. This holiday season the legendary storyteller invites you to join him on a thrilling journey to a magical world with his first-ever 3-D film, based on Brian Selznick's award-winning, imaginative New York Times best-seller, "The Invention of Hugo Cabret." Hugo is the astonishing adventure of a wily and resourceful boy whose quest to unlock a secret left to him by his father will transform Hugo and all those around him, and reveal a safe and loving place he can call home.Sherlock Holmes 2 - A game of shadows -Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) has always been the smartest man in the room...until now. There is a new c…

VMware vSphere Performance Manager APIs

PerfCounterInfoFigure 1 – PerfCounterInfo PerfIntervalFigure 2 - PerfInterval Performance Provider1. A "performance provider" (PerfProviderSummary) is any managed object that generates utilization or other performance metrics. 2. Performance providers include managed entities, such as hosts, virtual machines, compute resources, resource pools, datastores, and networks. Performance providers also include physical or virtual devices associated with these objects, such as virtual host-bus adapters and network-interface controllers (NICs) 3. Each performance provider—the instrumented device or entity—has its own set of counters that provides metadata about its available metrics. Each counter has a uniquekey, referred to as the counterId. Performance Counter4. Counters are organized by groups of finite system resources, such as memory, CPU, disk, and so on. 5. PerfCounterInfo data object, shown in Figure 1, represents a performance counter. NameTypeDescriptiongroupInfoElementDesc…

Installing VMware vCenter Server 4.1

Installing VMware vCenter Server 4.1:

Very helpful instructions with screenshot to walk you through the entire vCenter server 4.1 installation with a SQL Server 2008 (not the express edition one).

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VMware vSphere 4 Networking Essentials

1. vSwitch similarities to a physical L2 switch: A vSwitch functions at Layer 2, maintains MAC address tables, forwards frames to other switch ports based on MAC address, supports VLAN configuration, is capable of trunking using IEEE 802.1q VLAN tags, andis capable of establishing port channels.2. vSwitches are configured with a specific number of ports: 8, 24, 56, 120, 248, 504, or 1016. VMKernel reserves 8 ports for its own use. 3. Changing the number of ports on a vSwitch requires a reboot of ESX/ESXi host. 4. vSwitch dissimilarities to physical L2 switch:Does not support dynamic negotiation protocols for establishing 802.1q trunks or port channels like DTP (Dynamic Trunking Protocol) or PAgP (Port Aggregation Protocol).A vSwitch cannot be connected to another vSwitch thereby eliminating a potential looping configuration. Because there is no possibility of looping, the vSwitches do not run Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).A vSwitch authoritatively knows the MAC addresses of the virtual…

Book Review: The Kite Runner

I listened to the audio book “The Kite Runner” read by the author Mr. Khaled Hosseini. This book has a very strong story line to keep the reader’s attention occupied. I liked the story and following are some thoughts on the book:
1. Relation between Amir and Hassan – the loyalty and unconditional devotion which Hassan has for Amir speaks for the mindset that society can impose on an individual of lower rank that such an individual can never come out of. In spite of Amir’s cowardly manners Hassan never blames him and even accepts the false charges of being a thief just so that Amir is not caught red handed was quite touching.
2. The way Hazara community was treated in Afghanistan or the Shudras were treated in India or the Jews were treated by Nazis is a fact that humanity should never forget just so that it never repeats those mistakes in the future. It is works like this book that remind us of our abhorrent mistakes of the past and reinforces into us the realization that we should n…

Rushil learning swimming

This is the picture of Rushil learning swimming at DACA Swim Center ( He is 3.5yrs old now. He is enjoying the experience of swimming this summer.

My .vimrc

One of my favorite .vimrc config file:

Book Review: The Fountainhead

I recently completed the book The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Following is the review of the book:
Fountainhead is the story of an architect, named Howard Roark, who is extremely passionate about the field of architecture but his ideas about it are not in tune with the times in which he lives in. In his time the teachers in his college to the professional architects practicing business were all of the view that the field of building design and architecture has already reached its pinnacle of evolution and needs no further change from what the masters of the past have already established as the best approach to building design possible – namely the gothic architecture. Howard Roark was a modernist and did not endorse to the idea of gothic architecture and wanted to do the building design in a more modern way in tune with the demands of the present times. As a result, he is faced with several challenges while practicing architecture his own way. He wont get any contracts, he does not wor…

Book Review: The Read-Aloud Handbook

The read-aloud handbook by Jim Trelease is a treatise on the importance of reading aloud books to your children (by parents or by teachers in classroom). Mr Trelease brings forth several examples of how some parents were able to inculcate into their kids the habit of reading by beginning to read to them from early childhood. I will try to summarize my own experience of following this idea with my kid Rushil (who is 3.5yrs old).I don’t remember exactly when I started to read on a regular basis during bed time to Rushil but it was approximately around 1.5yrs of age and only recently around 2.5-3yr age Rushil has started to show very positive interest in the books and just wants me to continue to read to him one book after another. Nowadays I read to him for at least 30mins during bed time but that is the least and mostly I have to read 2 stories (either from one book or 2 books). We visit the library once a week on Saturday’s after him gym class and of late that has become a routine and…

WattOS distro review

WattOS is a very fast Ubuntu based distro which i have started using now on my not-so-old laptop (Dell Vostro). I tried several re-mastered Ubuntu distros but somehow i was not getting the optimum performance out of my laptop. It was generally running slower than my work laptop which has windows XP and even though my Vostro has modest RAM and processor but even with Ubuntu (Gnome desktop one) i could see the processor being used upto 40% with just some apps in operation (an IDE, a terminal etc). Also the browsing speed was sub-par. With WattOS i see the performance on the same Vostro laptop very good. I hope this is going to remain stable. WattOS only supports 32 bit for now and even though my Vostro has Core 2 Duo (64 bit processor) i was ok with using a 32 bit distro too as even Ubuntu site mentions that 32 bit edition is more stable release. It uses LXDE/OpenBox desktop environment. WattOS uses the latest Ubuntu Linux as a basis using only the core system and then slowly adding ba…

Book Review: Kidnapped (Graphic Novella)

I recently got hold of this book – Kidnapped by R. L. Stevenson, from the local library and it proved to be an interesting read and the illustrations in the novel were very good too. Its an abridged edition of course but is able to hold the interest of the reader quite well indeed. Following is some summary of the book in my words – David Balfour goes seeking for his inheritance after his father’s demise – and meets his uncle Ebenezer Balfour who is the evil kind who will not want David to get his share of the estate and conspires to kill David but fails and eventually manages to sell David off for bondage labor to a captain of the Covenant ship. There David happens to meet a guy of Scottish decent who he befriends and who finally helps David to come back to England and get his property back from his uncle. The adventures of David and his friend while they escape from the Covenant till they reach England forms the major part of the story line. Overall a  nicely done novella – good for…

Book Review: The Call of the Wild

This is my first review of any book on my blog. I have recently started paying attention to my reading habit and have completed the first book – by author Jack LondonThe Call of the Wild. Though much has already been written about the book I will try to summarize it in my words below. This story has its appeal for me for the fact that I am presently staying in Santa Clara California where Buck used to live in Judge Miller’s house and I have also once visited Alaska where most of the story is based on.
This is a classic American story about a dog (Buck) who is sold by Judge Miller’s (in who’s household Buck used to inhabit as a pet born of a Saint Bernard father and a Scotch Shepherd Mother) gardener, Manuel, to the wrong hands at the time when (strong sled) dogs were in great demand (due to Klondike Gold Rush). And so Buck was relocated from the Santa Clara valley California to the north land (Alaska). The story is about how Buck experiences and sustains through the drastic change…