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JavaServer Faces Part 1 - Introduction

This is first in the series of blogs on JSF. JSF = JavaServer Faces. It’s a web framework. The 3 independent elements that make up a usable JSF component in a page are: UIComponent class – defines behavior of component. Eg. UISelectOne Renderer class – provides specific renderings of component. For eg, a UISelectOne can be rendered in HTML as either a group of radio buttons or a select menu. A JSP tag – which associates a Renderer with a UIComponent and makes them usable in JSP as a single tag, eg <h:selectOneMenu> JSF UI components are bound to server-side Java beans (which are registered as Managed Beans in faces-config.xml). In the JSP pages, the UI components are bound to Managed Beans using the JSF Expression Language (which in JSF 1.2 is same as JSTL 2.1’s EL and is now called Unified EL). Once bound, updating bean properties or invoking bean methods from a web interface is handled automatically by JSF request processing lifecycle. This ability to automatically synchroni…