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Convergence of WS-Management and WSDM

JSR-262 which addresses support for Webservices Connector for the JMX Agents, is targeted for Java SE 7 (2008 spring). There are currently two competing webservices-based management standards: WS-Management and WSDM. There is currently an effort in progress to reconcile the two standards into one. But this reconciliation effort is going to take sometime to complete (and the guesstimate is it can be ready by 2008). The bottom layers of the convergence proposal are the existing standards WS-Transfer, WS-Enumeration, and WS-Eventing. JSR-262 chose to implement the Webservice connector using the existing WS-Management standard primarily because it seems to be the most backwards compatible approach possible. For reasons, read here. The idea behind this JSR-262 effort of providing a Webservice connector to the JMX agents is to enable management in hetrogeneous environments where the management host does not support JMX technology (say a management client written in C#). So once your JSR-7…

Sun Announces SCBCD 5.0 Beta

Sun has announced SCBCD 5.0 Beta exam on October 19th it seems. It does not require one to purchase a voucher to take a beta exam. Registration starts on 24th Nov, 2006. You can take this exam from 8th Dec, 2006 to 2nd Jan, 2007. The exam objectives are here. The only pre-requisite is you need to be an SCJP (any edition).

The recommended books/tutorials to cover the objectives for this exam are:
1. Mastering EJB 3.0 by Rima Patel Sriganesh, Gerald Brose, Micah Silverman.
2. Java EE 5.0 tutorial
And of course the specs .. the list of them is mentioned here.

Register early as there is a limit to the number of people who can take the free beta exam.