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Extending Net-SNMP Agent

This article describes how to extend Net-SNMP agent toolkit to instrument the EtherLike-MIB (RFC 3635) with hardcoded defaults. This article will describe the setup on windows (I used XP SP3) and Linux (I used openSUSE 11.0) required to develop this agent.The following instructions were carried out for net-snmp source version This article assumes the following default paths:Net-SNMP un-archived on windows in C:\net-snmp and ~/net-snmp on Linux. Net-SNMP installed in C:\usr on Windows and /usr/local on Linux. 1.1. Setup the development environmentDownload and install MSVC++ Express 2005 from There is some compilation issue of the net-snmp code with MSVC++ 2008 (Orcas) and i did not bother to fix it but used the 2005 instead. Download and setup platform sdk as described in Be sure to setup the development environment using the PSDK as described in the lin…