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OpenStack Devstack: Some Important Commands

Recently attended a training on OpenStack by Mirantis (Trainer: Devin Parrish). Following were some of the useful commands for working on devstack (which installs openstack on Ubuntu 12.04):

create a
export OS_USERNAME=admin
export OS_PASSWORD=password
export OS_TENANT_NAME=demo
export OS_AUTH_URL=

$ source ./
$ cd devstack
$ ./ - This command starts a screen session. You can attach to the screen session with Cntl + A + " and detach from screen session using Cntl + A + D key combination. Within the session use UP/DOWN arrow keys to navigate between the different log files for the different processes in OpenStack like nova scheduler (n-sched), etc.

$ sudo service libvirt-bin status
$ sudo service rabbitmq-server status
$ sudo service rabbitmq-server start
$ sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues
$ nova-manage service list
$ neutron --os-username admin agent-list
$ keystone --os-username admin endpoint-list
$ keystone --os-userna…