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Vim quick reference

The following content is excerpted from It covers most of the essentials that one needs while editing code. One thing which i know and use and is not covered is :e < filename > to open multiple files without exiting vim and then navigating among the open files using :b < num > , where num is file buffer number for the open files. Other than that, there were quite a few points in the tutorial that were really good and i did not use/know them before. Also see other good links to learn more on vi/vim at
Vim Tutorial SummaryVIM novice level SummaryMoving around with cursor:
h key = LEFT, l key = RIGHT, k key = UP, j key = DOWN Exiting vim editor without saving:
press ESC to get into command mode, enter :q! to exit. Deleting characters in vim command mode:
delete with x key Inserting / appending text:
Press i or a in command mode and type Saving changes and exit:
in command mode :wq or SHIFT+zz VIM Operators an…