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REST service with Payara

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Payara is embedded glassfish server (4.1 as of this writing) and the above blog post describes how to write your REST (micro) service easily and quickly with Payara embedded server.

Book Review: A Study in Scarlet

This is the first of the 4 novels of Sherlock Holmes in which Dr Watson has returned from his service in the military in Afghanistan and is looking for a cheaper accommodation in London city when he meets his acquaintance to whom he mentions of his need of a cheaper accommodation and who happens to know of another fellow who was looking for someone to share accommodation with at 221B Baker St London ... and this is how Dr Watson gets to meet his lodge partner Sherlock Holmes... and the rest as we know is history. In this book, Sherlock Holmes was asked for help by Mr Gregson and Mr Lestrade of Scotland Yard to help solve a mysterious death of a person who was found in an uninhabited house in the city... and the dead man had no injury on him except that his face was contorted in anguish such that it deeply shocked Dr Watson who had never before met with such a ghastly sight before even compared to his grim experiences in the army. In the following days there was another murder in a ho…