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VMware vSphere 4 Networking Essentials

1. vSwitch similarities to a physical L2 switch: A vSwitch functions at Layer 2, maintains MAC address tables, forwards frames to other switch ports based on MAC address, supports VLAN configuration, is capable of trunking using IEEE 802.1q VLAN tags, andis capable of establishing port channels.2. vSwitches are configured with a specific number of ports: 8, 24, 56, 120, 248, 504, or 1016. VMKernel reserves 8 ports for its own use. 3. Changing the number of ports on a vSwitch requires a reboot of ESX/ESXi host. 4. vSwitch dissimilarities to physical L2 switch:Does not support dynamic negotiation protocols for establishing 802.1q trunks or port channels like DTP (Dynamic Trunking Protocol) or PAgP (Port Aggregation Protocol).A vSwitch cannot be connected to another vSwitch thereby eliminating a potential looping configuration. Because there is no possibility of looping, the vSwitches do not run Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).A vSwitch authoritatively knows the MAC addresses of the virtual…

Book Review: The Kite Runner

I listened to the audio book “The Kite Runner” read by the author Mr. Khaled Hosseini. This book has a very strong story line to keep the reader’s attention occupied. I liked the story and following are some thoughts on the book:
1. Relation between Amir and Hassan – the loyalty and unconditional devotion which Hassan has for Amir speaks for the mindset that society can impose on an individual of lower rank that such an individual can never come out of. In spite of Amir’s cowardly manners Hassan never blames him and even accepts the false charges of being a thief just so that Amir is not caught red handed was quite touching.
2. The way Hazara community was treated in Afghanistan or the Shudras were treated in India or the Jews were treated by Nazis is a fact that humanity should never forget just so that it never repeats those mistakes in the future. It is works like this book that remind us of our abhorrent mistakes of the past and reinforces into us the realization that we should n…