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AWS Kinesis and AWS IoT services

Amazon Kinesis Service: is a platform for streaming data on AWS. It helps to load and analyze streaming data and build custom applications like: 1.Recommendation engine.2.Real-time metering and billing system.3.Loading data from transactional databases to data warehouses can use Kinesis for temporary durable storage of data in transit.

Data generated by web applications, mobile devices, IoT sensors, wearable devices etc. can be in the tune of TBs/hr. This data needs to be collected in real-time and processed and stored continuously. Amazon Kinesis service enables one to do this.

The streaming data can be captured and submitted to Amazon Kinesis Firehose, which loads streaming data continuously into S3, Redshift and Amazon Elasticsearch domains. The streaming data is then analyzed from these stores using Business Intelligence tools.

Amazon Analytics: enables running standard SQL queries against data streams. Kinesis analytics can then be used to feed into other analytics tools.
AWS IoT: e…

What's Fog Computing?

Fog computing is an architecture that uses one or more of edge devices to carry out: 1.a substantial amount of storage (instead of storing data in cloud), 2.communication (instead of routing over internet), 3.control, configuration and management (instead of being controlled by network gateways).
It is also referred to as “Fog networking” or “Fogging”.
The effects of fog computing on cloud computing and big data systems in common is to resolve the limitation in accurate content distribution. It is especially of significance for the numerous connected sensors in internet of things (IoT). For instance, semi-autonomous cars assist drivers in avoiding distractions and veering off the road by providing real-time analytics and decisions on driving patterns. Fog computing can also reduce the transfer of gigantic volumes of audio and video recordings generated by police dashboard and video cameras. Cameras equipped with edge computing capabilities could analyze video feeds in real time and onl…