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My TOEFL Test experience

Today i took my TOEFL test at a Prometric testing center in San Jose. I arrived at 7am and started writing the exam at 7:35am. I was done with first 2 sections (Reading and Listening) around 9:33am (about 2 hrs) and then resumed at 9:43am or so with the next 2 sections (Speaking and Writing) and was done by 11:10am (1hr 25 mins). So the last 2 sections were quicker for me. I think i had extra questions in Listening (which won't be counted towards my total score).

Now the specifics on each section while i still remember it :):

Reading had 4 passages and around 56 questions in all. Total time was 1hr 20 mins (80 mins) so for each passage i had 20 mins. Passages were from various topics and the ETS TOEFL practice test for Reading (as well as for other sections) were quite like the ones on the exam.Listening: I don't remember exactly how many audio clips were there in all but the general pattern was you listen to a clip and then answer multiple choice question on them.Speaking: 6 …

Book Review: Paleo Diet

My notes from the book:
Paleo Diet - What Our Ancestors Didn't Tell Us About The Best Diet In History And How You Can Use It To Lose Weight Quickly And Easily (Paleo Recipes, ... Paleo Solution, Paleo Cookbook, Paleo) (Adams, Ralph)

Health experts have discovered that the culprit behind deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes is in fact the kind of diet people today have.This means entirely eliminating grains, legumes, dairy products, processed sugars and starches, as well as alcohol from your diet.The Paleo Diet allows only the consumption of the following food types:   Meat There is some debate and discussion about the kind of meat you should choose for your Paleo Diet. Some advocates insist on eating only lean meat, while others are more adamant about choosing fatty cuts. The original Paleo does not prescribe the kind of meat cuts you should choose. However, Paleo experts dispel the myth about the “unhealthy” saturated fats fo…

Book Review: Intermittent Fasting

Notes from the book:
Intermittent Fasting: Simple Guide to Weight Loss, Fat Loss, and Improved Health - THE FAT LOSS AND ANTI AGING DIET (Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss, ... Loss, Weight Loss Diet, Lose Fat Book 1) (Childs, Valerie;Louis, Joy)
The most important thing to understand is this, the number of calories your body burns throughout the day is not dependent on meal frequency.In weight loss, what matters most is the difference between the number of calories taken in and those used up by the body. Regardless of your meal frequency, you will gain weight if at the end of the day, you eat more calories than you expend.What matters is not whether you eat breakfast or not but what you eat.Proteins are the sources of amino acids that keep muscles healthy and growing. Once you eat a meal containing proteins, that is enough to produce amino acids for more than 16 hours.The book recommends a fasting period of between 12-24 hours.Stu…

List of Topics for programming Competitions

1.Basic Geometry/Euclidean Geometry/Coordinate Geometry/ [3-D variants of everything]. 2.Computational Geometry. a.Graham Scan algorithm for Convex Hull O(n * log(n)). b.Online construction of 3-D convex hull in O(n^2). c.Bentley Ottmann algorithm to list all intersection points of n line segments in O((n + I) * logn). ■Suggested Reading - 1. d.Rotating Calipers Technique. ■Suggested Reading - ■Problems - Refer the article for a list of problems which can be solved using Rotating Calipers technique. e.Line Sweep/Plane Sweep algorithms - ■Area/Perimeter of Union of Rectangles. ■Closest pair of points. ■Suggested Reading - 1.