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Toastmaster Speech #2 – An Introduction to Jenkins Continuous Integration Server

Time Limits: 6/7/8 minsActual Time Taken: 10 min 02 secs.Following is the content of the speech:Jenkins1. What is Jenkins?a. It’s a continuous integration server. b. It is a fork of another CI server project Hudson (started by Koshiko Kawaguchi of erstwhile Sun Microsystems). c. It is free and open source.2. Hallmarks of Jenkins CI Server:1. Automates builds via build triggers. 2. Automates running test suites. Fails the build if test fails. Trending of test failures by builds. 3. Encourages regular commits to the version control 4. Builds on each commit 5. Fast builds – build the module and run unit tests per module. Jenkins even supports clustering and can send the builds for different modules to different nodes in the cluster thus enabling “parallel” builds. 6. Dashboard – web based dashboard for viewing results and other notification methods like sending emails etc.3. Why Jenkins?a. All CI servers can poll a version control repo and execute compile and test. b. Jenkins stands-o…

Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook Review

Recently I got myself another notebook and for the first time I am trying an ultrabook – the dell xps 14 ultrabook base model which comes with i5 dual core 1.7 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM and 32GB SSD + 500 GB (5400 RPM) HDD.The configuration is pretty decent for programming and everyday computing purposes but what is most attractive is the build quality – its aluminum body and slim overalls with the 1600x900 resolution screen for a 14” size is a pretty attractive aspect of this ultrabook. From the specs I was expecting this computer to be slow but I am plesantly surprised that over and above the processor the build of the system does make a BIG difference in the overall performance of your system. It is pretty close in look to a macbook pro and though it is not that light weight the feel of using this system is so good that I think this is the best laptop I have ever owned or even had (it surpasses my work laptop which is a dell latitude e6430).I could not be more happy. It’s a great lap…