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Ethernet Fabrics: An Overview

What is Ethernet Fabric?Fabrics offer one alternative for meeting the demands of the modern data center. An Ethernet fabric is a type of network topology that collapses traditional three-tier data center switching architectures into one or two tiers, ensures network traffic is never more than two hops away from its destination and operationally behaves like one big switch. The goal of an Ethernet fabric is to increase the scalability, performance and resilience of highly virtualized and cloud-ready data centers.Vendors typically sell commercial Ethernet fabrics as a product suite comprising specialized hardware and software. Fabrics can be implemented using various architectures, the most common among them leaf-spine and mesh. Several terms -- including data center fabric, switch fabric, network fabric and Ethernet fabric, or some amalgamation of all four -- are often used interchangeably to refer to this topology.Ethernet fabric refers to flatter, highly scalable topologies that enab…