Saturday, May 23, 2015

My TOEFL Test experience

Today i took my TOEFL test at a Prometric testing center in San Jose. I arrived at 7am and started writing the exam at 7:35am. I was done with first 2 sections (Reading and Listening) around 9:33am (about 2 hrs) and then resumed at 9:43am or so with the next 2 sections (Speaking and Writing) and was done by 11:10am (1hr 25 mins). So the last 2 sections were quicker for me. I think i had extra questions in Listening (which won't be counted towards my total score).

Now the specifics on each section while i still remember it :):

  1. Reading had 4 passages and around 56 questions in all. Total time was 1hr 20 mins (80 mins) so for each passage i had 20 mins. Passages were from various topics and the ETS TOEFL practice test for Reading (as well as for other sections) were quite like the ones on the exam.
  2. Listening: I don't remember exactly how many audio clips were there in all but the general pattern was you listen to a clip and then answer multiple choice question on them.
  3. Speaking: 6 speaking exercises:
    1. First 2 were about a familiar topic that i got 15secs to prepare for each and 45 secs to speak about.
    2. Next 2 were - read a passage, then listen to an audio clip on it and then speak about the subject matter being discussed in both passage and clip.
  4. Writing: 4 exercises.
    1. 2 were about listening to a clip and reading a passage and then write some answers in your own words.
    2. 2 were given a topic write in your own words about the topic. I was asked about the school days starting early and late which one i preferred and why. Answers needed to be at least 300 words. I wrote close to 380 words.
Got my results on 06/01/2015 (today). I scored 105. Per this discussion on quora it seems it is a decent score to apply. For SJSU the cut-off was 80.

For my preparation, all i did was 1 practice test from TOEFL study guide software. I did intend to study more but could not find the time. However after doing first practice test i was familiar with the sections, the type of questions asked and how to approach them.

TestTest DateReadingListeningSpeakingWritingTotal
TOEFL iBTSat May 23 07:36:01 EDT 201528282821105

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