I had long since been an aspirant of MS in Software Engineering(MSSE). Today i was finally accepted as classified graduate (in short was granted admission to the MSSE program) for Fall 2015 of MSSE Special Session - with emphasis in Cloud and Mobile Computing.

I needed to write TOEFL since my BS was from India. The syllabus is very practical and focused on cloud and mobile computing. I am looking forward to having a fun time learning and completing the courses and obtaining the MS degree in Spring 2017.

The MSSE classes will be held in Santa Clara and this will be the 6th batch doing this special session on cloud computing however the first one with both cloud and mobile computing. I am looking forward to learning some mobile application development also while doing my MS :).


drashti bhuta said…
Sir,I would like to know more about this program as m plannign to pursue this for fall 16.Kindly help me out you can mail me reagrding this on
Thnak you
drashti bhuta said…
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