Friday, October 11, 2013

SPDY Protocol - Road to HTTP/2.0

Its been 13 years since HTTP/1.1 version came into being (in 1999) and has wonderfully managed to keep up with the pace of development and growth in web usage and technologies.

SPDY Protocol (by Google) proposes to enhance HTTP 1.1 by bringing to the table these new core concepts to web delivery:

  • Multiplexing (allowing multiple requests to flow over a single connection)
  • Prioritization (providing the ability to indicate that one resource is more important than another and should hence jump to the head of the line)
  • Compression (making compression universal and extending it to headers)
  • Server Push (allowing the server to give content to a user-agent before it is asked for)
  • A strong recommendation for encryption (current implementations require it) - dropped from HTTP/2.0

IETF started HTTP/2.0 standards effort based on the proposals from SPDY protocol (as starting point). If everything goes well and according to the working group's stated goals, HTTP/2.0 will be faster, safer, and use fewer resources than HTTP/1.1.

HTTP/2.0 is still a ways away. The httpbis working group is targeting Fall of 2014 for a final draft of the protocol.

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