Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Using SAP Memory Analyzer for Java memory leak detection

[Click to watch video of using SAP Memory Analyzer]

I recently had opportunity to use the SAP Memory Analyzer tool for analyzing an HPROF heap dump generated on OutOfMemory error in code. I found that its an excellent and user friendly tool for job of memory leak analysis with good documentation. Though i generally preferred to use JHAT for heap walking but i realized that this SAP tool is much more intuitive and memory leak detection in code was a breeze. The above video tutorial talks about using the version 1.1.1 (which happens to be the latest at this time). Highly recommended.


Markus Kohler said...

Thanks for the nice review :)

For your information the SAP Memory Analyzer is currently being open sourced.
Check the Eclipse Memory Analyzer page at


Anonymous said...

hi the link above for the video:
[Click to watch video of using SAP Memory Analyzer]
gives 404 Not Found error.

Is there any other URL for the video?


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