Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My tryst with AJAX

It all started with a question bank application that i was asked to build for our staffing team's use. Once an interface to add/remove/update questions to a database was created i was asked to build a web form to allow the interviewers to manage the questions they asked in an interview session together with the ratings assigned per question per candidate. Also the interface to be quick enough for the interviewer to find the right question to ask and update on the web form while conducting the telephonic interviews. AJAX seemed to answer some of the questions like not having to reload the pages thus giving a desktop application like usability to the interviewers. And i gathered that it also a hot term in the industry today. So i thought i will make use of the simple web form work as my learning platform for AJAX. I had bought the book AJAX in action sometime back but never got time enough to start reading it. About 600 pages of it can be completed in no less that 10 days. I thought its worth to invest those 10 precisious days into the learning of this interesting concept. Will post back once i have made some head way into the book.


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