Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Virtual assistant for Raspberrry Pi

It is made following the nice book on the subject by Tanay Pant - Building a Virtual Assistant for Raspberry Pi (APress)
This is similar though much simplified version of products like Google Home or Amazon Echo.
The idea is to use the Raspberry Pi based Virtual Assistant as one of the interfaces for Amigo chatbot project.
Ria uses Google STT (Speech to text) API and espeak on Linux (or say on OSX) for TTS (Text to speech).
Currently supported skills/features:
  1. Play music from configured path on local disk
  2. Read news headlines scrapping news from
  3. Take notes and store in local sqllite DB
  4. Tell time
  5. Tell local weather of configured city
  6. Post tweets on twitter
  7. Look up wikipedia and read a short description for any term, person or place (anything on wikipedia).

Source available on Github:

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