Saturday, December 12, 2015

MongoDB for Java Developer Course

I successfully completed MongoDB for Java Developer course on 12/09/2015.

The course completion certificate is at:
(this pdf file will be stored in MongoDB GridFS).

I obtained 77% grade and grade for being certified was 65%.

The course spanned over 3 months from October to December 2015 and following was the syllabus:

Week1 - Introduction - Overview, Design Goals, the Mongo Shell, JSON Intro, Installing Tools, Overview of Blog Project. Maven, Spark and Freemarker Intro
Week 2 - CRUD - Mongo Shell, Query Operators, Update Operators and a Few Commands
Week 3 - Schema Design - Patterns, Case Studies & Tradeoffs
Week 4 - Using Indexes, Monitoring And Understanding Performance. Performance In Sharded Environments
Week 5 - Aggregation Framework - Goals, The Use Of The Pipeline, Comparison With SQL Facilities.
Week 6 - Application Engineering - Drivers, Impact Of Replication And Sharding On Design And Development.
Week 7 - Case Studies - Interview with Jon Hoffman, foursquare and Interview with Ryan Bubunksi, codecademy
Week 8 - Final Exam 

I am glad to have invested some time to do this nicely made course by MongoDB and it is a good tool to have under your belt as a developer. I did 3 projects of my MSSE 1st semester using MongoDB and hosted it on a virtual box VM, docker container, AWS EC2 instance and of course my Mac and it was always an easy to install, very reliable DB. The programming interface using Morphia (document object mapper) is very intuitive and simple. I did struggle a bit to keep the entity objects same for both backend modules (REST endpoint and DAO and between REST endpoint and UI) because of the _id being a BSON type but later found a simpler solution (see my Morphia and Dropwizard intergration post). Doing this course gave me good confidence in the use of the DB for my projects.

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