Eclipse 4.2 in Ubuntu 12.04

Eclipse 4.2 in Ubuntu 12.04 | Bruno Braga:

  1. Install the version of eclipse that comes with Ubuntu repo (for 12.04 its eclipse 3.8)
  2. Then follow the below steps to update that version with the latest eclipse. After that, when you click on the original Eclipse icon it will launch the updated eclipse.
  3. Note: We will need to redo the steps every time we want to update eclipse installation. 

# Get the Eclipse installer for Linux 
# (if you do not know the flavour, just choose "Classic")
# Unpack it
$ tar -zxvf eclipse-SDK-4.2-linux-gtk.tar.gz
# if you have a previous Eclipse version installed
# just move it (in case anything goes terribly wrong, 
# you can just rollback)
$ sudo mv /usr/lib/eclipse /usr/lib/eclipse-old
# move the unpacked directory to lib
$ sudo mv eclipse /usr/lib/


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