Clearcase code merge on Unix

Following are the steps to perform a merge from branch1 (for say release1.0) to branch 2 (for say release 2.0) in clearcase on a Linux system:
1. Create a view to branch 2 where you want to merge the code to and set to the view. Then launch clearcase merge manager GUI.
$ clearmrgman
2. The merge manager wizard will prompt for the following:
    • Step 1 - Specify the dynamic or path to snapshot view
    • Step 2 - Select the elements you want to consider for merge
    • Step 3 - Select where you want to merge from by branch name, label name or from another clearcase view.
    • Step 4 – merge options like:
      • auto merge for directories – default yes
      • auto merge files in the directories – default yes
      • follow VOB symbolic links – default no
3. Once the merge completes, if there are any merge errors requiring manual resolution then those files are shown and one by one you can resolve them.
4. Once the merge is completed, all files modified, added or unloaded due to merge are in checked out state and require check in. So check in the files.
For more details, please refer the following:


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