Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book Review: The Call of the Wild

This is my first review of any book on my blog. I have recently started paying attention to my reading habit and have completed the first book – by author Jack LondonThe Call of the Wild. Though much has already been written about the book I will try to summarize it in my words below. This story has its appeal for me for the fact that I am presently staying in Santa Clara California where Buck used to live in Judge Miller’s house and I have also once visited Alaska where most of the story is based on.
This is a classic American story about a dog (Buck) who is sold by Judge Miller’s (in who’s household Buck used to inhabit as a pet born of a Saint Bernard father and a Scotch Shepherd Mother) gardener, Manuel, to the wrong hands at the time when (strong sled) dogs were in great demand (due to Klondike Gold Rush). And so Buck was relocated from the Santa Clara valley California to the north land (Alaska). The story is about how Buck experiences and sustains through the drastic change in his life being brought about by being moved from a domesticated pet dog to a hard working sled dog in the extreme climate of the north land. Buck survives it all because of his physical strength, ability to adapt to the changing environment, and above all, not loosing his values and remaining true to his self. Buck was passed on from one master to the next but they all liked him except for the trio who were themselves bad masters and they end up loosing Buck to Thornton. Bucks affection for Thornton is very heart warming. Eventually Buck avenges for his master’s death and returns to answer the call of the wild – where he does not kill for pleasure but only for his need to survive.
This is a children’s classic and is a quick read and a nicely told story.

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A very well written review

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