Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My new Honda Element 2007

I recently bought a Honda Element 2007 compact SUV and after having driven it today for a week, i feel a very satisfied owner of my first 4 wheeler vehicle ever. This model of SUV is unique with capacity to seat only 4 passengers and the doors are wide-opening clamshell type with no pillar between the front and back seats (but one has to first open the front doors to be able to open the back doors). Other auto makers also have SUVs of similar kind like Toyota’s FJ Cruiser and Nissan’s Xterra. The mileage is 21mpg in city and 26mpg on highway (which is decent compared to other compact SUV’s). The engine is 166 hp and its a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It comes fully loaded with power window, mirror, steering and doors. There is a AM/FM/CD player and a skylight glass top. The thing which i loved about my new Element is its very spacious (alot of leg room and room for cargo). With wide opening doors, loading cargo is easy (as there is no pillar between seats). The rear seats can be folded to the sides too thus making extra space for cargo. Also the look is off beat and trendy (in my opinion).

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