Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Reading of SNMP, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, and RMON 1 and 2 Third Edition by William Stallings

I have started reading this book on SNMP by William Stallings recently. I have read just 6 of 17 chapters till now. What i wanted was a complete but simplified (than RFC's) write up on SNMP protocol and some of the standard MIBs. I have worked in SNMP for almost 7 yrs now and whatever i learnt was on-the-job. So i needed one book which puts together the different pieces of information pertaining to SNMP-based network management in a coherent form. Much of what i read in this book is what i already knew but reading it from a book gives a different perspective. Like for eg, sysUpTime can be used to deduce if the agent has been restarted since the last poll or that the ifAdminStatus reflects the value set by management station to change the operational state of the interface but ifOperStatus reflects the current operational status (and is RO). So if ifAdminStatus is up(1) and ifOperStatus is down(2) then the interface has failed can be concluded. And so on.. Another book which i am planning to read after having completed this one, is, Network Management: Principals and Practices by N. Subramanian (a GaTech Prof.) which covers ADSL/HFC management in some detail and introduction to various tools (HP OV, MRTG) and alternative technologies (WBEM).

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DEEPAK said...


This is Deepak here.
Iam new to SNMP and just started working on it.
Could u please suggest me in- Implementing SNMP API library which gives us all functionalities.

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