Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Learning Design Patterns

I have recently started reading the Head first design patterns book. I read about 150pages of the book sometime back and now i have to resume my reading of the book from where i left. This time around, i am planning to put the design patterns i learn about from the book in my notes which will make it handy for revision and referring later. From what i recollect now about my experience reading those first few pages from the book, i want to say that i liked the easy presentation style and humor in the book which makes an otherwise dry subject a little more interesting. I will update this post after making some more progress on the book. In short, this book only covers 14 of the 23 design patterns covered by GoF's book.

Updated 25 Oct, 2006: I had missed to be able to complete this book earlier and recently i have experienced a deep sense of grief on being at loss for proper words or ideas when given a design problem. I think after revising SNMP as thoroughly as i possibly could, learning all basic design patterns is the last step i need to take to move on and shake hands with destiny :). Really, it came as surprise for me when i recently interviewed for a company for which i studied the whole day revising my C++ and by 8pm late evening i am only asked some desing problems which completely floor me. Apart from the human factors (that i was tired by the end of day having slept only 4hrs between 2 days and studying the whole day and i was skipping my lunch for those two days too), i realized that i MUST read this book before i set my foot in USA.

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